Franco Soldi

It's a reality, today young people go through more anxiety and fear when envisioning an uncertain future!

3 STEPS app can help ease some of that feeling, assisting teens in planning their life project and building a defined identity by following 3 steps:

Discover who I am, Know where I'm going, Develop a plan to get there.

Planning for young people means setting clear and specific goals for their future.

Defining their skills, identifying their motivations, and achieving their objectives.

Ensuring a perfect university career for each teen?

It's possible.

We believe in the power of smart investment and the positive impact it can have on the future of teenagers. 3 STEPS app is a tool designed by young people for young people, which will change the way our children approach their vocation and passion for real life for the first time through an intuitive and gamified platform that takes playful-academic use to another level. With this app, we can offer our children useful and applicable tools, ensuring their education, their goals, and their steps to follow in the short, medium, and long term.

The future is in your hands!

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If this resonates with you, join us!

Get to know the 3 STEPS app and discover how investing in our teens can transform lives, strengthen the economy, and build a better world for everyone.

If you have a brand…

capable of offering something more impactful in the lives of these young people, this plan may be of interest to you.

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